LED lighting

自主研發LED芯片、LED lighting等,娛樂場所等燈光照明系統及解決方案。
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LED lighting
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LED lighting

LED Lighting - 專營: 各類LED燈,LED射燈,LED燈膽 LED燈條 LED燈帶......等照明產品

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Welcome to HKLED

HKLED was established in Australia and has continuously expanded its LED business in the global market by providing the most reliable, innovative, high quality and price competitive products to all customers. As a fast growing business, we have developed a worldwide marketing centre in Hong Kong with a series of R&D offices and OEM factories in China and Taiwan to fulfill different demands in various countries. Moreover, HKLED is full of passionate experts who are experienced in LED chips, packaging, lighting science, power electronics, information and communication technology which enable us to offer flexible and practical solutions throughout the design, installation and application processes.


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4/23/2010 Janpanese company install HK LED 1...
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LED lighting

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